Builders and architects usually add the Security System to the end of the electrical contract. That may work for the smaller jobs, but for larger and more complex systems this can quickly take up more time than the job is worth. Electronic security probably adds 5% to the contract value yet may require up to 50% of your allocated time. In addition, you would require an extra 5 licences:

  • Communications Licence (to work on the phone line)
  • Security Organisation Registration
  • Class 2 Security Advisor Licence (to consult on alarm system selection)
  • Class 2 Security Equipment Installer Licence (to install a security system) and
  • Security Firm Licence (to carry out the above activities)

Programming and commissioning Security Systems is fiddly and further complicated by extra paperwork, customer training, increasingly complex equipment, interacting with the Monitoring Centre and the ongoing service and maintenance of the system.

It is little wonder most electricians find electronic security a pain in the neck.

In our experience, it is more efficient for the Electrical Contractor to run CCTV and security cables at the same time as the 240V cables, but Magnitude Security is more efficient at fitting off, programming and commissioning the Security System. We have the right licences, the right tools, the right manuals, the expertise and the relationship with suppliers and Monitoring Centres to enable us to get the job done quickly and accurately.  In addition, we are set up to maintain an ongoing service, maintenance and monitoring relationship with the customer.