Monitoring Your Business

Imagine your business security system were to send information that an intruder had been detected in your office. Once that report has been received at our Monitoring Control Room, we would then respond according to your instructions.

Typically those instructions might be:

    • First, call the office and make sure the alarm is not simply one of the staff taking a little too long entering their code.  If the call is answered a ‘voice code’ would be requested to check for authority.
    • Second, if there is no answer at the office, call the manager. If again no answer, leave a message.
    • Lastly, if no one can be contacted call a Security Patrol only if multiple alarms are received.

      You decide what response the Monitoring Control Room should make when an alarm is received.

      Or the information may be a little more subtle. For example, an employee returning to your mechanic business after closing time and using your oil and equipment to service their own and their mate’s cars.  The Monitoring Control Room can be instructed to contact the owner if the security system is disarmed after your normal closing time.

      The Monitoring Control Room can also provide useful information like letting you know that the security system has not yet been armed and it is past your normal closing time. Or you may want reports about what time the security system was disarmed and by whom.

      If a burglary has been confirmed then Magnitude Security can also arrange clean-up services so it is business as usual next morning.