Monitoring Your Home

Imagine arriving home at night to see the blue light on your alarm panel flashing.  You know that an intruder has been inside your home but……..

  • Could they still be inside?
  • How long were they in your home and in which rooms?
  • How long ago did it happen?

Of course, monitoring cannot prevent burglaries. A smash and grab thief will be gone long before a security patrol arrives. Magnitude Security offers several deterrents to this type of theft.  However, a security patrol can limit the more devastating event where the intruder intends to take their time and remove all your property, or perhaps just smash up your home.

When your alarm is activated we will contact you.  At your request the Monitoring operator will instruct a security patrol to attend, or you may prefer a neighbour to be contacted.  The neighbour’s role need only be to confirm that a burglary is in progress. In such cases the Police are more likely to attend quickly

Smoke Detectors

The building authority requires homes be fitted with a smoke detector to alert occupants to the possibility of a fire.  But what if there‘s no-one at home? Relying on a passerby to notice the smoke coming from your home and call the fire brigade is hardly satisfactory.  Monitoring your smoke detectors provides early detection of fire and a far better way to alert the Fire Brigade.

Testing your system

Security systems should be tested every week. However because this isn’t always possible, your alarm panel performs certain automatic routine testing. Once weekly, it self-tests for early detection of problems that may indicate malfunctions and sends this report to the Monitoring Control Room. In the event of a test failure, the Control Room will advise you and we will call you to discuss the report.