Magnitude Security offers a Back to Base Monitoring service to our alarm customers.

Back to Base Monitoring involves a centralised station (Monitoring Control Room) that receives reports from your security system, typically via the telephone line.

Those reports might include:

  • A burglary in progress
  • A duress alarm or panic button has been activated
  • Alarm panel has not been armed by normal close of business
  • Alarm panel has been disarmed outside normal business hours
  • A smoke detector has been activated
  • Power supply to equipment has failed
  • Alarm panel equipment is being tampered with
  • Alarm system requires a service

The Monitoring Control Room has a record of what you want to happen when each different piece of information is received.

  • Typically the Monitoring Control Room will keep the following information;
  • Your street address and nearest cross street
  • The telephone number of the premises
  • The make and model of your security system
  • The location of movement detectors
  • The phone numbers of people to be contacted in the event of an alarm
  • Normal trading hours of the business
  • A ‘voice code’ so you can be identified when speaking on the telephone

However the Monitoring Control Room;

  • does not have access codes for your security system unless you want them to,
  • will not ask you for your access code, and
  • does not keep keys to your premises unless you want them to.